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Thank you for visiting our site. Our mission is to consistency provide you and our community with the most innovative employment search solutions that will lead to career opportunities for the citizens of the counties we serve. Our long term mission is to help reduce our state and national jobless rate to historic lows never seen before in our country’s history. We believe with your help, we can help save benefits like Social Security, by participating in our process that lead to job ready candidates meeting with key employment partners about potential career advancement opportunities.

During your visit, you will discover how we started our agency, our corporate mission and vision statement; our services, our strategy and finally our great team. My hope is that after you review this site, you will contact my office to schedule a meeting to meet with myself or one of our key decision makers.

Again, I would like to personally thank you for visiting with us today, and as always, thank you for your patience and support.

-Tim Gibson, President (ABC Solutions, Inc.)


Introducing our newest employment partner, ABC Solutions Auto! Their mission is to find our underemployed working clients the car of the dreams without any car payments! Check out: www.abcsolutionsauto.com for details!

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Watch videos of hired clients and their stories with our employment partners! This episode was produced on location in Charlotte, NC and features our SSA client who we placed back in October, 2011.