TGIBSON | December 19, 2016 - 3:09pm

Listen, for any job that is in high demand, expect difficult questions! Why? Easy, its the law of supply and demand! High supply of candidates for high demand jobs put massive pressure on job recruiters to get it right the first time when searching through the massive influx of human capital. In my experience, mining and interviewing each good candidate takes approximately 2 hours from initial discovery to end of call. So remember candidates, recruiters do not have much time listening to poorly prepared interviewees attempt to struggle through interview questions. What they want to see and hear are candidates that have done their homework and are confident about their answers. To be that person, you must remember the following suggestion: Always Research and Practice before stepping into every interview. Research the company, the people (including the interviewer) and learn key facts that will "stump" every person that dares to interview you! Next, Practice. Practice your look and practice your answers to the questions you're most likely to be asked. Say your answers out loud over and over—and write them down. If done correctly, this act will help ingrain your answers more deeply in your brain— and will significantly improve your success. Well, you probably need to know what questions to prepare for, right? I got the top questions that I (and my recruiter friends) always try to ask when conducting an interview. Here are the top 10:

1. Tell me about yourself.
2. What interests you about this opening? (Or why do you want to work for us?)
3. What do you know about our company so far?
4. Why did you leave your last job? (Or why are you thinking about leaving your current job?)
5. Tell me about your experience at ___. (Fill in past job.)
6. What experience do you have doing ____? (Fill in each of the major responsibilities of the job.)
7. Tell me about your strengths.
8. Tell me about a time when… (Fill in with situations relevant to the position. For instance: Tell me about when you had to take initiative … you had to deal with a difficult customer … you had to respond to a crisis … you had to give difficult feedback to an employee … You get the idea.)
9. What salary range are you looking for? (See these suggestions for answering questions about salary.)
10. What questions do you have for me? (You can find ideas for your own questions here.)

You got it? Good. Now go, your next job awaits!

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