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Listen, If you are new to social work and considering becoming an intern, let me give you some great insight about this profession based on my personal experiences. If followed, you will be able to apply what you have learned in your coursework while working in an environment that fosters growth and new challenges. Social work is a broad field full of many responsibilities and duties, which are in step with most business service industries. So, consider the following perspicacity below to determine if there are any similarities in your current or desired course of study that might pique your interest in this field.

Agencies do not intern for only case managers who handles heavy workloads.
Key roles like marketing specialists, public relations representatives, campaign managers, trainers, business liaisons and statisticians are just a few positions that agencies offer internships.

No one expects you to know everything about the job before you begin it.
Don't be afraid to ask questions. Even if you are more than prepared for this position, most people still get nervous with their first professional placement. Don't let the position intimate you in becoming passive and less engaging.

Practice what you learn. An internship does not just expose you to the job, it also gives you the opportunity to grow your skills and techniques along the way. If you discover strategies you need to work on or want to know more about, use this time to hone them before you enter the workforce. It will get you ahead of the game and on your way to feeling more confident in your abilities.

Use this time for networking. It is hard to predict where you will end up or who you will work for, so be sure to make a good impression on everyone you meet. You never know when a person may be your future employer or know someone who could be. It is never too early to begin building a community in the field.

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