JJOINER | September 7, 2017 - 11:00am

New to Twitter? Unexperienced? Not a problem. ABC Solutions is on social media, and Twitter is one of the mediums that we use to touch basis with clients, partners, and those looking to get involved with our #100jobs campaign. If you're new or unexperienced on Twitter, you should follow us at https://twitter.com/abcsolutionsnc. On Twitter, you will find job listings, updates on our campaigns, and other pertient information about ABC Solutions and what we are doing.
Once you gain insight on all of the wonderful things happening, get involved if you aren't already! Become a partner and assist us with our campaign by letting us know when positions are available. Become a clinet and we will assist you with resumes and job applications so that you will be able to reintegrate back into the workforce. When you join ABC Solutions, it is guaranteed that you will gain benefits and access to now hiring jobs fast! It's a fairly simple process. We team up, put in the work, and get you career ready.
So, follow us on twitter and become a part of our network by contacting us. Remember, the solution IS ABC!


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"ABC Solutions has provided our store with several associates and we look forward in hiring more as the need arises. Your staff has been consistent and thorough with their visits and communication with our management."
-Wal-Mart (Charlotte)

“ABC Solutions staff is always nice, friendly, and hard working.”

“ABC Solutions is an agency that I would highly recommend to others in need.  They have helped tremendously.”

"I have enjoyed working with you in the past and look forward to you placing more of your clients with us in the future." Your committment has always been outstanding, even helping your former clients in current positions with us now" 
-Chartwells (UNC-Charlotte)

"{ABC Solutions, Inc} has help reduce our workload tremendously and we hope other departments will perhaps follow our lead and take advantage of the opportunities that are available."
-Big Lots (Salisbury)

"...you {ABC Solutions, Inc coaching support}surpassed all of my preliminary expectations I had of job placement organizations.  It was proven that you truly care about helping companies find quality employees as much as finding your clients suitable positions in the workplace."
-Food Lion (Salisbury)